Syracuse Salt Co.

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Small-Batch salts handmade in Syracuse, NY.

Robust garlic flavor with a sweet balsamic-y finish. Infused with Korean-style fermented garlic from Piacentino Farms from Utica, NY. 

Chili Black Lime Salt 

An earthy, slightly citrus-y kick with a hint of heat

Lemon Sea Salt

A classic combination of fresh lemon & salt perfect for seafood, mixed drinks, fruit, pastries and salads

White Truffle Sea Salt 

A light, delicate and luxurious blend made with Italian White Alba Truffles that is perfect for finishing, vegetables, eggs, pasta, popcorn, and breads

Roasted Garlic Sea Salt 

A potent and buttery blend perfect for vegetables, meats, herbed butter, Italian dishes

Rosemary Flake Salt

Spanish Rosemary is known for its aromatic, earthy notes with a versatile flavor profile that makes it perfect for experimenting and elevating almost any dish you can think of.