Handcrafted Horn Preserve Spoon

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Maadili's Preserve Spoon is the perfect pair for your hors d'oeuvre tray—great for spooning olives or scooping a dollop of fig chutney. This unique, hand-crafted horn product is sustainably made from the horns of the Ankole-Watusi, or Ankole Longhorn, a breed of cattle native to western Uganda and parts of East Africa. 

These distinctive horns are a recycled byproduct of the food industry and are purchased directly from the cattle keepers, providing revenue for local cattle keeping communities.


  • Approximate Size: 5in x 1in
  • Sustainably sourced horn from rural Ugandan cattle keepers—horn is upcycled instead of wasted.
  • Hand carved in small scale, Fair Trade artisan cooperative in Uganda
  • High variability of horn color ensures that no two pieces are the same—pieces come in variable shades of white to brown to black
  • Hand wash
  • Assorted color tones