HŌV Candle

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Inspired by traveling across countries full of vitality, attending workshops where craftspersons have demonstrated a thriving artisanship, and witnessing the observance of rituals. It has been HŌV's ambition to honor the people that inspired them!


KŌDŌ: The scent of agarwood that heats on its mica plate is soft, dusty and woody. Scents of incense travel; earthy, powdery, with smooth amber.

  • Olfactive notes : Oud, Ambery, Aromatic, Woody and Powdery notes

OOLONG:  In the depths of the region of Fujian, at the foot of Mount Wuyi, familiar silhouettes gather tealeaves, molding shapes of black dragons in their hands. Scents of Warm chestnuts, vanilla, orchid and amber join together to create the chimera: smoky fallen dragon.

  •  Olfactive notes: Chestnut, Orchid, Tea

DÉSERT DU KHORASANThis scent evokes the memories of a saffron harvest in the dessert of Khorasan. Laden with resinous and balsamic scents, the crocus flowers are dazed in their own lily perfume. 

  • Olfactive notes: Crocus flower, Saffron, Spicy and Amber

JARDIN D'EREVAN:  This scent evokes the atmosphere of a summer garden where green scents of ivy leaves mingle with jasmine notes and fanning honeysuckle. Fresh and creamy apricot finally drowse on the clouds of smoke from a burning incense.

  • Olfactive notes: Apricot, Honeysuckle, Incense, Ivy