Boucherouite: The Sustainable Moroccan Rug

The Boucherouite rug, also called Boucherite or Boucharouette, is a Berber rug hand-woven in various Moroccan regions. Wild and fun, this rug rebelliously breaks the typical rules of how Moroccan rugs are made.

Boucherouite rugs portray the freestyle of Berber art by mixing contrast weaving techniques, patterns, and fabrics. Likewise, they convey a different tribal story which we're sharing with you in this blog.  

The Story of Moroccan Beni M'guild Rugs

As a treasured testimony of the past dating back several millennia, every Moroccan rug affirms the identity of its tribe. Thus, the culture, history, and natural resources define the style of each rug. Yet, they are all long-lasting, made of natural fibers, and easy to maintain. 

This article is about the story of Beni M'Guild rugs, also known as  wool on wool rugs for their exceptional thick piles. 

The Southern Rugs of Taznakht

A small town in Ouarzazate province called Taznakht produces soft luminous rugs with traditional designs, an earthy palette of colors, pure sheep wool, and meaningful symbols that transmit the Berber art’s script and rhythm.  

Through this blog, we are taking you to the heart of the Moroccan desert where rugs weaving plays an important role. 

Azilal Moroccan Rugs

Azilal rugs are from the central Moroccan High Atlas region. They are one of the most sought-after Berber rugs for several reasons. Through this blog, you will discover what makes these rugs so unique. We are also sharing with you an original collection of Azilal rugs from Apartment F
August 20, 2021 — Imane Bouassou

Beni Ourain Rugs- The Elegant Moroccan Archetypes

Beni Ourain rugs add an exquisite look to interiors and tell a story that deserves exploring. This article shares their history, how they are made, and how you can properly style them in your home. 
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Special rugs require special care. In this blog, you can find everything you need to know to take good care of your hand-knotted wool rugs from Apartment F. 

You finally found your dream rug, but it's too small. Here's how to make it work.

So you have been searching for the perfect vintage Moroccan rug for your new place for months and you finally found it! Theres only one problem: it is a 5x9 and you need an 8x10 for the room. But it's literally the perfect vintage Moroccan rug that you've been dreaming about! We will let you in on a design secret... you can make almost any rug work in a room with a little creative thinking and an open mind. The secret is in the technique of layering rugs.

Layering rugs is not only super functional and can make your perfect vintage rug work, but it is also a great way to add more texture and dimension to your room. Here are a few of our tips to consider when layering rugs:

TIP ONE: Choose a larger rug that complements, not one that competes. 

When choosing a rug to layer under your dream rug you will want to consider color, design and texture. While sometimes it is eclectic to layer pattern on pattern, you will want to ensure that the primary colors of the rugs complement each other and don't compete with one another. 


We love pairing natural fiber rugs such as jute, hemp and sisal back to the higher piles in our vintage Moroccan and Turkish rugs. The neutral colors of these natural fiber rugs complement any patterned rug effortlessly. This allows the pattern to really pop while creating more interest in your room through the use of multiple textures. 

You can also create a more bold version of this look by layering one of our vintage Moroccan or Turkish rugs over an oversized plush cream or white rug. This will create a statement look that will add a lot of excitement to your room, not to mention it will take your homes cozy factor up five notches.  

TIP TWO: Bigger isn't always better

When shopping for your perfect rug it is always good to be open minded about sizes. It is extremely difficult if not impossible to find vintage Moroccan and Turkish rugs that are modern dimensions such as 8 x 10. You will often find vintage rugs that are longer and more narrow than modern rugs. 

Apt. F Vintage Turkish Rug Layering

By layering rugs, you can achieve your desired floor coverage while showcasing the vintage rug of your dreams. Natural fiber rugs will be sized in modern sizes, so this will be your base. Using a jute or other rug underneath that is your desired size and layering your vintage rug on top allows you to have the desired coverage on your floor while making your dream vintage rug pop in your space. 

This is also great because a smaller vintage Moroccan or Turkish rug will be less expensive and much easier to find instead of holding out for exact dimensions. 

TIP THREE: Layering can define spaces in open rooms

If you're in a loft space or looking to design an open concept living/dining layering will be your best friend. Once you find the size of base rug that will best work for the given area, then you can layer a vintage Moroccan or Turkish rug on top to really complete the space. The difference in texture will naturally draw the eyes in making the vintage rug stand out and given the appearance of a defined room without the traditional walls. 

 Apt. F Vintage Moroccan Rug Layering

TIP FOUR: Have fun with the process!

Part of the reason that we love the layered rug look so much is that is softens a room and gives it a more effortless and 'lived-in' feel. The sky is the limit when it comes to layering; not overthinking it is the key. 

Don't worry if your top rug is perfectly centered or if there is fringe on one end and not the other because it is vintage. This adds character to the space and makes it fun and approachable. 

Layering is also a great way to cover up imperfections or stains on rugs and no one will ever know! Try layering with your current rugs and adding the perfect vintage Moroccan or Turkish rug to the mix. 

Happy layering! Tag us in your Apt. F rugs on social media. 

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