House of Nur Candle Collection

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House of Nur embodies light and positivity emerging from dark times. Created by a family of entrepreneurs House of Nur is a minority women-run Los Angeles-born company, with a background in candle manufacturing for the past 22 years.


  • 8.0 oz

Scent Profiles:

SANTAL No. 11—The earthy heavy Cedar and Sandalwood aroma is famed for its ancient, spiritual fragrance. This musky connection walks you through a mixture of spice with a hint of lemon flavor that adds a rich experience to your imaginary journey.

    • Top: Cardamom
    • Heart: Cedarwood
    • Base: Amber

SPICED TABAC & OUD No. 12— This intoxicating blend of warm amber, smoky tobacco, dark rose, and jasmine noir dances together to create a spell-binding scent.

    • Top: Amber
    • Heart: Tobacco
    • Base: Oud Wood

ROUGE No. 8— This blend of Water lotus, Neroli leaves, sugar cane and amber features a creamy bouquet of heliotropic and earthy notes including oak moss and neroli. This fragrance is sure to be a favorite.

    • Top: Heliotrope Flower, Water Lotus
    • Heart: Oakmoss, Neroli Leaves
    • Base: Amber, Sugar Cane

ORANGER DU LIBAN No. 3—This scent can store particular aromas that can lead you back into your youth. The proprietary fusion of Mandarin, Clove leaf, Bergamot, and Jasmine is captivating. This vivid scent throws you into a barrage of memories, vibrating through your heart and soul.

    • Top: Mandarin, Bergamot
    • Heart: Jasmine, Neroli Flower, Clove Leaf
    • Base: Vanilla Flower, Musk, Santal

    FRAISER FUR No. 14—Feels like taking a walk through the forest this scent will capture the outdoors as it fills your home with delicate scents of pine, fir and cinnamon. 

      • Top: Eucalyptus
      • Heart: Cinnamon
      • Base: Cedarwood