Palo Santo + Palma Dulce Bundle

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Luna Sundara's wellness incense bundle features a thoughtfully selected combination of natural ingredients renowned for their calming and purifying properties, including: Palo Santo, Palo Santo Incense, and Palma Dulce.

When burned, this bundle emits a soothing and restorative ambiance, ideal for meditation, yoga, or relaxation.

Botanical Name: Palo Santo (Bursera Graveolens) Palma Dulce (Loricaria Graveolens) Palo Santo is a highly sought-after wood in spiritual practices, renowned for its potent cleansing and purifying properties, as well as its ability to uplift mood, increase vitality, and provide protection.


Bundle Includes: 3 hand rolled palo santo incense sticks, 3 pieces of palo santo, 1 Palma Dulce (sweet palm)