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The Boucherouite rug, also called Boucherite or Boucharouette, is a Berber rug hand-woven in various Moroccan regions. Wild and fun, this rug rebelliously breaks the typical rules of how Moroccan rugs are made.

Boucherouite rugs portray the freestyle of Berber art by mixing contrast weaving techniques, patterns, and fabrics. Likewise, they convey a different tribal story which we're sharing with you in this blog.  

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Boucherouite Rugs- A Story of Generosity

Audre Vintage Boucherouite Rug | 2’9” x 5’4”


Like most names of Moroccan rugs, the term "Boucherouite" reveals a lot about the rug's origins. In the Moroccan dialect, it means “a piece of clothing torn from used fabrics”. This meaning embraces the magnificent story of modest Berber communities:

In some rural areas where wool was inaccessible or expensive, women couldn’t afford to make wool rugs. By any means, they needed an alternative to keep their families warm in the cold winters. 

The only fortune families had was a large loom kept as an ancestral treasure and the inherent tribal wisdom trusting that necessity is the mother of innovation. 

Therefore, the indigenous woman proudly used scraps of her djellaba, her children's used textiles, her husband’s knitted shirt, and other torn fabrics to weave household rugs. Thus, the story of Boucherouite rugs started with the weaving of symphonic patterns on the folkloric loom of Moroccan tribal life.

The whole process of washing used tunics and recycling them into solid rugs was a source of joy to the entire village. Neighbors began sharing and exchanging fabrics to help each other finish Boucherouite rugs. Afterward, they used them to cover floors and create a comfortable ambience for families and friends to sit down for storytelling; an integral part of Moroccan culture. 

Eventually, most of the families didn't sell their Boucherouite rugs. They passed them down to their children and grandchildren as a symbol of kindness and generosity.

In the mid 20th century, these colorful Moroccan rugs achieved a universal aesthetic expression after creating a movement of interest in Europe and the USA. Gebhart Blazek and Cavin-Morris had a big role in introducing Boucherouite rugs to the world.

Boucherouite rugs transcended their ethnic origins to become rugs, wall art, sofa coverings, and mural decorations.

Spontaneous Pieces of Art

Azem Vintage Moroccan Checkered Rug | 4'6" x 7'1"

Boucherouite rugs showcase the artistic independence of Moroccan craftswomanship. The weavers don’t follow any predictable design when handcrafting Boucherouite rugs. Instead, they unleash their creativity and give freedom to an imagination spontaneously inspired by tribal popular art. 

They create an asymmetrical design adorned with vibrant non-traditional patterns and playful colors; perfect to brighten up any home.

From a limited set of textiles (rarely wool), the Berber woman was able to create pieces of art that remind us of the abstract expressionist works of Paul Klee and Hans Hoffman. 

To make Boucherouite rugs, the strands of wool are replaced by strands of fabric, tied in the chain, then handwoven into abstract patchworks. Weavers make loose knots to get the soft pile rugs. The result is a fabulous graphic piece, beautifully spontaneous and poetic.

Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Rugs

Audre Vintage Boucherouite Rug | 2’9” x 5’4”

Boucherouite rugs are handmade from vintage recycled textiles and wool. They adhere to the no-waste principle of sustainable development. 

These Moroccan rugs are suitable for eco-friendly homes. The older and more discolored they get, the more valuable patina they gain. 

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