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The High Atlas in central Morocco is the birthplace of many popular Moroccan rugs like Glaoua, Taznakht, and Ait Ouazguite rugs. All named after their places of origin.

However, few know that the High Atlas Mountains have a broad diversity of rug styles starting from Azilal, heading south to Ouarzazate, Tinerhir, Siroua, Tiliouine, etc. Some use multiple geometric motifs, while others are elegantly decorated with a large medallion at the center. 

Azilal rugs are from the central High Atlas region. They are one of the most sought-after Berber rugs for several reasons. Through this blog, you will discover what makes these rugs so unique. We are also sharing with you an original collection of Azilal rugs from Apartment F

Azilal Rugs- The Berber Treasure

Azilal Rug Apartment F

The Azilal rug brilliantly stands out with its freestyle design, showcasing an exquisite range of chaotic lines and motifs. On a canvas of pure wool, women from Azilal artistically wove asymmetrical patterns and used abstract dashes of vibrant, bold colors. 

Curiously enough, Azilal rugs have remained a secret for a long time, an unknown treasure to the market. It wasn't until the end of the 20th century that they were celebrated by the world as valuable works of art. They are now exhibited in the art galleries of Paris, Tokyo, and the USA.

Besides being beautiful, Azilal rugs are hand-knotted using natural fibers that promise durability and comfort. They are either made of 100% sheep wool or raw wool mixed with cotton. Also, the whimsical colors adorning these rugs are all-natural, extracted from the plants and berries grown in the area. 

Azilal rugs are not woven for commercial purposes and do not follow a specific model of patterns. That's why it is increasingly hard to find good ones. We make sure to select authentic rugs from Azilal with care; hand-knotted, and one-of-a-kind. Check out Apartment F rugs for more.

Azilal Rugs- The Fusion of Beni Ourain Rugs & Boucherouite Rugs

Apartment F Moroccan Rug

Azilal rugs succeed in bringing together high-quality sheep wool like that of Beni Ourain rugs with the bold colors of Boucherite rugs

If you know Beni Ourain Rugs, you will notice that they’re very reminiscent of Azilal rugs. Even so, Azilal rugs are easily distinguished by the use of colors and irregular patterns. These motifs create intricate messages and stories exclusive to the Azilal region.

Another difference is the weaving techniques. Azilal rugs are woven horizontally using a gridded line of knots, which produces shorter piles.

The result is a unique rug that combines premium quality, comfort, softness, and vivid colors. 

Azilal- The Pearl of the High Atlas Mountains

Moroccan rugs are traditional arts rooted in the collective local culture. They have a harmonious connection with the land's natural and social factors. Hence, taking a closer look at the region of Azilal opens the door to know more about its charming rugs:

Azilal is located in central Morocco, about 170km away from Marrakech. It’s a province in the region of Beni-Mellal Khenifra.

These mountainous areas are rich in natural resources (agriculture, forests), mines, tourism, and art crafts. They have a major historical role in preserving national unity and priceless cultural heritage. 

Azilal is an attractive destination for tourists due to its world heritage sites and heavenly natural views like Ouzoud falls and Ait Bouguemez Valley also called “The Valley of Happy People”. In such natural conditions, the sheep wool is of high quality, producing lustrous soft rugs.

We can say that Azilal rugs are the reflection of the liveliness, natural beauty, and joy of Azilal the province.

Azilal Women & Rug Weaving

Azilal rugs are typically feminine rugs, an enjoyable pastime for women who weave in their free time, surrounded by neighbors and friends.

In a society with solid family virtues, the weaving tradition is passed down from mother to daughter until this day.

The Moroccan weaver gives free expression to her artistic senses and imagines patterns that symbolize happiness and prosperity in bright colors. That is how they visually record their creative heritage. The touches of colors are representatives of the season in which the rug is woven. 

Original Azilal Rugs For Your Home

A colorful, soft Azilal rug will add comfort and a touch of creativity to all interior designs.  

Our rugs collection fits in modern, retro, traditional, bohemian, transitional, and eclectic interior decors. 

Stella Vintage Azilal Runner

 Stella Vintage Moroccan Runner


 Mason Vintage Azilal Rug

Mason Vintage Moroccan Rug


Allison Azilal  Rug

Allison Moroccan Rug | 4'6'' x 7'5''

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August 20, 2021 — Imane Bouassou