The story of our company begins in 2015 at our founder's Brooklyn apartment.

For more than six years, we have been designing original textiles in-house and collaborating with artisans in Morocco and Turkey to produce them in small batches. Our collections of pillows and rugs are all handmade from start to finish, and no two are exactly alike.
When our online shop evolved into a brick & mortar store after moving to Austin, TX, we have built a community within East Austin that we continually inspire through events, classes, and giving back. 

Just like our story, yours starts at your home, the space you come to seek comfort, entertain friends and loved ones, create, recuperate, and most of all live

We feel that home is the most integral part of our lives, which forms the essence of our brand and mission. We are dedicated to helping others create the home they love with a combination of exclusive textiles and a curated collection of apothecary, pantry items, art, and much more from around the globe.

We value quality, social responsibility, and being kind to the environment. Our high-quality products reflect these values as we constantly seek to disrupt the world of mass production by ethically sourcing small-batch goods that support and empower independent artisans worldwide. 

Ashley Yetter - Founder of APT F