Vintage Beni Ourain Rug | 6'6" x 11'11"


  • Size: 6'6" x 11'11"
  • Origin: Morocco
  • Estimated age: 40 years
  • Handknotted | Vegetable dyed
  • Soft, high pile construction
  • *There is one small hole in the rug that was not repaired during cleaning/restoration in Morocco. This is reflected in the price.

Care: A rug pad is recommended to prevent movement. If soiled, blot immediately with a clean, white cloth.

Cleaning: With any Moroccan Rug, shedding can occur for about the first month while it is settling. Due to the age of the vintage Beni Ourain rugs, it shouldn’t shed as much as newer ones.  A nice way to clean any pile rug (once a year or so) is to flip it over for a week and let any debris fall out that is difficult to get out with a vacuum.  Also, any of them can be cleaned outside with a hose and light soap, and should be left to dry in the sun afterwards.

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Due to the vintage and handmade nature of our rugs, there may be minor imperfections and signs of wear. We believe this adds character to the piece and lends to each rug being truly one of a kind.