Andara Moroccan Rug | 6' x 8'5"

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Andara is handmade in Morocco with soft lustrous wool and is patterned with a network of double-lined diamonds.
The use of red, pale orange and pink adds beautiful color accents and brightness to the composition.

Size: 6' x 8'5"

Estimated age: 40-50 years

Material: 100% Wool | natural dyes

Origin: Morocco


  • A rug pad is recommended to prevent movement. 
  • If something is spilled, blot immediately with a clean, white cloth.


  • Due to the vintage and handmade nature of our rugs, there may be minor imperfections and signs of wear. We believe this adds character to the piece and lends to each rug being truly one of a kind.

  • These rugs are made in some cultures to tell a story and are often passed down through generations. The majority of them were not made to be sold, meaning sizes can vary. When you do find the one you love, we encourage you to measure at home to see how you can make it work for your space.