Kin Euphorics

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Kin transforms the world’s oldest social ritual, drinking, into a thoughtful act of taking better care of ourselves. Kin is a daily braincare ritual designed to help you connect to your center and find better balance. Set your mind free!


  • 16.9oz/ 500 ml, about 11 servings per bottle 

Dream Light

Calming spices, Reishi mushroom, and melatonin will quiet your mind before you drift off to dreamland. Reach a natural circadian rhythm with this magical nightcap.

Use Dream Light for an ethereal evening transition— whether you’re lounging with friends during a night in, writing poetry by candlelight, or curbing jet lag. Pour one to close the night about 1-2 hours before sleep. We love it straight up or mixed with your favorite milk (oat milk is our fave).

Key Active Ingredients

Rhodiola Rosea | The Divine Balance

Supports the balance of cortisol, the stress hormone that triggers fight or flight, so you can unlock a moment of clarity.

5-HTP | The Portal to Pleasure

Feel yourself. Elevates seratonin to find your inner strengh and charm. Nurture neurotransmitters in charge of mood, ecstasy, and reward. 

GABA | The Third Eye of Calm

Reduces excitability and calms the nervous system. Smoothes out stress and anxiety to open a path of possibilities.


  • 16.9oz/ 500 ml, about 11 servings per bottle 

High Rhode

Raise the bar. Conjure captivating conversation. Open your mind and focus your light. Shake up social settings with a contagious energy that flows out to those around you and reverberates beyond.

A perfect sipper at happy hour, before or after a memorable meal, or to spark energy in any social setting, any time of day or night. High Rhode’s bitter base makes it ideal for mixing with other juices, sodas, and bitters—similarly to how you would make a cocktail. Shake to awake, top it off with seltzer, and garnish with fresh citrus or herbs.



  • 16.9oz/ 500 ml, about 11 servings per bottle