Moroccan Cactus Silk Kilim


These unique kilims are very smooth to the touch and are handwoven first and then finished with traditional berber symbols embroidered into each pillow. No two kilims are exactly alike. Kilims can be used as rugs, throw blanket, and wall hangings
  • Size: Approximately 2'11" x 4'1" (+ 4" fringe)
  • Color: Royal Blue
  • Embroidery Color: Light Blue, Green, Black, Gold, Purple
  • Material: Saharan Cactus Silk | Natural dyes
  • Designed in house and handmade in Morocco by our artisan partners
  • Dry clean only
Due to the nature of each pillow being entirely handmade, slight imperfections may be present.
If you decide to use your kilim as a rug, we highly recommend using a rug pad.