Palo Santo All-Natural Botanical Perfume Oil

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The Palo Santo Perfume Oil is fragrant of white smoke and the sacred aromas of Palo Santo. Designed to evoke the smell of sweet smoke from burning Palo Santo wood.


  • KEY NOTES: Palo Santo / Vetiver / Cinnamon Leaf / Vanilla 100% Natural
  • Measures Approximately: 0.97"W x .097"D x 3.25"H, [ 10 ml ]
  • All-Genders, Sustainably-Harvested, Unisex Fragrance
  • VEGAN: All ingredients certified vegan be Vege-Cert
  • SUSTAINABLE: using only Wildcrafted Palo Santo Essential Oil, causing no harm to living trees.
  • ORGANIC: Created exclusively with pure USDA Certified Organic Jojoba oil & Cinnamon Leaf Essential Oil ingredients