Silvia Turkish Hand Towel

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Made from an all-natural medley of half bamboo and half Turkish cotton, this towel is chemical-free, luxuriously soft, super-absorbent and lightweight. 

Silvia is naturally breathable and gently wicks moisture away from the skin.


  • 19" x 34"


  • 50% Turkish cotton, 50% bamboo


  • We recommend washing with like colors on COLD. 
  • For drying, the best results are obtained by using low heat, tumble dry cycle. 
  • Extremely hot dryer cycles are not recommended. 
  • A fabric softener will make the towel less absorbent and is not recommended.


  • This Towel becomes even softer and more absorbent with every wash.
  • Its silkiness does not irritate sensitive skin or feel anything less than luxurious.
  • Tight weaves do not hold onto dirt or odors, making them easy to care for.

Made in Turkey