Handwoven Christmas Stocking | White Sabra

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  • Dimensions: approx. H 16.5"x W (Top) 8"x W (Bottom) 10"
  • Origin: Morocco
  • Material: 100% hand-loomed sabra silk, cotton lining.
  • Embroidery Colors Will Vary: red, brown, blue, yellow, pink, green, purple. 
  • Each Christmas stocking is reversible, has a hanging loop for easy display, and is large and sturdy enough to hold several items. 
  • Please note that the embroidery colors and patterns vary from stocking to stocking (as shown in the photos). They are each cut from large hand-woven textiles.

    These Apartment F exclusive stockings are sustainable and created from Moroccan Sabra textiles; traditionally handwoven by Berber women in the Atlas Mountains using natural fibers and dyes.  

All stockings are sewn by independent artisans in Morocco