Heart-Shaped Tomatoes: Stories of Italian Cooking with Nonna Elda

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Heart-Shaped Tomatoes is a photo-driven cookbook about Elda Cristini, or Nonna, a 102-year-old Italian immigrant grandmother for whom cooking has remained a constant thread throughout her storied life.

At 102, Elda still lives on her own, grows her own tomatoes, cooks them into a beautiful red sauce, can make pasta from scratch, and confidently pull together a multi-course meal.

The book uses recipes, photography, and personal essays as an entry point to examine themes of independence, generational knowledge, love, and family.

The book opens, “This book is dedicated to my Nonna Elda Cristini and to whomever I hope she reminds you of: someone with old-world stubbornness, a lifetime of stories, and a deep generosity that manifests in a full plate of their food.”


    • Author: Dimitri Staszewski, Madelyn Wigle
    • Pages: 120 ‎pgs, Hardcover
    • Dimensions: ‎8.25” x 10.2” x 0.75”
    • Publisher: Independent Publisher, 2021