Wild Yonder Botanicals Bath Soak

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Each packet is 2 ounces


Gem & Honey Infused

A mixture of crystal quartz charged sea salt, epsom salt, bio dynamic honey, organic jojoba and organic essential oils and resins. Hand blended and full of good vibrations. No synthetics, junk or otherwise nastyness. Pour in bath as a soak or use as a body scrub.

Our organic bio-dynamic honey is picked up by us locally from one of the longest running botanical farms in the country. They call it "magic honey".

  • Cosmic Blend: essential oils of palo santo and orange
  • Luna Blend: essential oils of eucalytus, spearmint and ginger
  • Anti Bad Vibe Shield: essential oils of frankincense, ylang ylang and rose

Magnesium Soak

An aromatic, centering blend for a multi sensory experience. With our favorite rose otto and chamomile extract. Minerals soaks rich in magnesium and other minerals are cherished for their soothing, softening, mineral rich properties. Pour in bath and relax.

  • Glow Blend: pure epsom salt, sea salt, magnesium flakes, biodynamic honey and organic rose otto, organic chamomile and organic jojoba. 

Beary Good

A groovy blend of scents and sensations inspired by the music, vibe, and art of the band Grateful Dead. Created with the intent to hydrate, soften and facilitate a relaxing full sensory experience for body and mind.

and blended with pure sea salt, Epsom salt, and a bit of bio-dynamic raw honey for an exquisite soaking experience.


Herbal Blends

Created as effective herbal self-care these blends are made with botanical herbs and tinctures rather than essential oils. Developed with reverence for the naturally wise botanical properties and focus on the specific benefits they have to offer. These blends are mild in scent, only the subtle aroma of the herbs themselves. Can be used as a bath soak or body scrub.

  • Rose Jam: pure sea salt, epsom salt, biodynamic honey, organic rose powder, organic rosehip seed oil
  • Meditative Drift: pure sea salt, epsom salt, biodynamic honey, organic California poppy powder, organic Gotu Kola Powder