Boucherouite: The Sustainable Moroccan Rug

The Boucherouite rug, also called Boucherite or Boucharouette, is a Berber rug hand-woven in various Moroccan regions. Wild and fun, this rug rebelliously breaks the typical rules of how Moroccan rugs are made.

Boucherouite rugs portray the freestyle of Berber art by mixing contrast weaving techniques, patterns, and fabrics. Likewise, they convey a different tribal story which we're sharing with you in this blog.  

The Story of Moroccan Beni M'guild Rugs

As a treasured testimony of the past dating back several millennia, every Moroccan rug affirms the identity of its tribe. Thus, the culture, history, and natural resources define the style of each rug. Yet, they are all long-lasting, made of natural fibers, and easy to maintain. 

This article is about the story of Beni M'Guild rugs, also known as  wool on wool rugs for their exceptional thick piles. 

The Southern Rugs of Taznakht

A small town in Ouarzazate province called Taznakht produces soft luminous rugs with traditional designs, an earthy palette of colors, pure sheep wool, and meaningful symbols that transmit the Berber art’s script and rhythm.  

Through this blog, we are taking you to the heart of the Moroccan desert where rugs weaving plays an important role. 

Azilal Moroccan Rugs

Azilal rugs are from the central Moroccan High Atlas region. They are one of the most sought-after Berber rugs for several reasons. Through this blog, you will discover what makes these rugs so unique. We are also sharing with you an original collection of Azilal rugs from Apartment F
August 20, 2021 — Imane Bouassou

Beni Ourain Rugs- The Elegant Moroccan Archetypes

Beni Ourain rugs add an exquisite look to interiors and tell a story that deserves exploring. This article shares their history, how they are made, and how you can properly style them in your home. 
August 13, 2021 — Imane Bouassou

The Best Rugs for Your Kitchen

Key guidelines you should consider when choosing a suitable rug for your kitchen along with a compilation of the best kitchen rugs from Apartment F.

Apartment F Rug Care Guide

Special rugs require special care. In this blog, you can find everything you need to know to take good care of your hand-knotted wool rugs from Apartment F. 

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