Pepper Nectar Hot Sauce

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Fresh, modern hot sauce blends in three gourmet flavors. Made with whole ingredients, zero refined cane sugar, and the perfect balance of flavor and burn.

Pepper Nectar brand hot sauces are forged in Fort Myers, Florida by a girl who carried hot sauce in her bag long before Beyoncé made it a thing.

Original: A garlic forward blend with subtle sweetness and heat that creeps. 

Fresh red chili peppers, garlic, golden honey, and sweet habanero peppers. HEAT SCALE: 4.5/10 

Queen of Green: A sweet and citrus-forward blend with a building burn.

Features Florida’s finest green chili’s blended with key lime juice, sweet coconut blossom nectar, and Bhut jolokia (ghost) peppers. HEAT SCALE: 7/10

The Duke: A rich burgundy blend that hits every flavor profile. 

Earthy, sun-dried Urfa Biber pepper is combined with fresh chili peppers, whole garlic cloves, pineapple juice, and signature spices for a new-world flavor experience. This savory sauce delivers notes of raisin, chocolate, and tobacco’ish undertones with a quick and edgy heat. HEAT SCALE: 3/10